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Well, hey there!

This is a little part of the internet where I’m going to have a devlog for my game, CODENAME LITHIUM.

CODENAME LITHIUM is a 2D sidescroller puzzle/shooter with a personal story I want to tell. No details on the story yet! It’s coded using the Unity3D engine for all the boring stuff like 3D audio, lighting, physics and collisions… but I’ve had to roll my own code to essentially modify the engine into something more friendly for 2D work (limiting physics and movement to only the x and y axis, for example). Obviously, I’m coding the game, and I’m also doing all the other things, like art and music, myself.

Here, have some media

Title screen

Title screen of CODENAME LITHIUM. The blue text changes colour.

Particles! :D

Missile particle effects – smoke and explosion

So now some stuff about me

I’m an Aussie highschool student, just finishing year 11/starting year 12 (it’s an odd system here). I code, I music, I play hockey, I code, I play TF2. Oh, and I do homework. Too much homework. I guess that’s what you get when you do all the “hard” subjects in your senior school years.

What I’ll post here

This will be a blog primarily for the development of CODENAME LITHIUM, but don’t be surprised to see other things, such as:

  • Other programming things. Expect some python, visual basic (as much as I hate it, I have to use it for school) and little side projects I do to make appearances here.
  • Personal posts. There are some personal things that I might want to share with the big scary internet one day.
  • General other stuff.

And that about sums it all up

If you got all the way down here, thanks for doing so! It probably means that you’re interested in CODENAME LIHIUM, which is awesome! 😀

Fell free to leave a comment, I’ll reply! Oh, and any feedback about the blog is most welcome. I’m still setting it up and making it look nice.

Geko out.